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Our comprehensive suite of services includes cutting-edge solutions to safeguard your organization's information. From VAPT testing to Application Security, Malware Analysis, Digital Forensic, and Incident Response, we offer a complete range of services to ensure your sensitive data remains secure from potential threats. Trust us to protect your organization with our advanced security solutions.


Our cutting-edge testing methods, which comply with industry standards, are performed by top penetration testers who leave no stone unturned in identifying vulnerabilities. Trust us to deliver unparalleled security with our exceptional VAPT testing services.

Application Security

Traditional automation software alone cannot guarantee application security. Our controlled offensive strategy is designed to detect fresh vulnerabilities that automated programs cannot identify, safeguarding your mobile and online applications from any potential threat.

Malware Analysis

Protect your organization's critical information from undetected malware threats. Our expert team conducts dynamic and static malware analysis and reverse engineering to safeguard your IT infrastructure, including servers, data centers, and mobile devices, from surveillance and potential data breaches.

Digital Forensic

Uncover the truth with our digital forensics experts who specialize in uncovering criminal or suspicious activity. Our certified investigators collect and analyze hidden data from computers, mobile devices, and cloud storage, providing detailed forensic reports that adhere to the highest industry standards.


Protect your personal and professional reputation by monitoring all online activity through our Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) services. We help you avoid data theft and attacks such as social engineering and neuro-linguistic programming by bringing all relevant information under surveillance.

IoT Security

Protect your privacy and avoid security risks with our thorough examination and analysis of IoT devices and embedded systems. We provide reliable security solutions to safeguard your home or business and ensure consistency in your personal and social life.

Incident Response

Quick and decisive action is critical during incidents. A single mistake can compromise your entire IT infrastructure, leaving your sensitive data vulnerable to hackers. Our incident response team is ready to provide expert guidance to mitigate the damage and aid in recovery, ensuring the security of your organization's IT system.

Policy and Management

Our expertise extends beyond securing your IT infrastructure; we also specialize in policy and management to ensure comprehensive data protection. Let us help you establish and manage effective corporate IT security policies.

Risk Management

IT infrastructure auditing and risk management are vital considerations for any organization. Comprehensive auditing and risk management can provide a thorough understanding of the risks associated with your company's security. We are committed to being your reliable partner in managing your company's risks.

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24x7 Incident Response Assistance: Our team is always on standby to support.


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A Backbone of 22 Years

Systech Information Security Ltd. a distinguished sister concern of Systech Digital Ltd., stands as a beacon of excellence.

With 22 years of experience, our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional services has garnered stability and a track record of proven success. We take pride in serving clients across prominent international markets, including Bangladesh, the UK, Canada, the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, and Japan. Our dedication to providing quality service remains unmatched, ensuring client satisfaction at every step.


Security with Ethics

Our mission as a cyber security company is to safeguard our clients' privacy, security, and ethical integrity.

We prioritize the protection of sensitive information, ensuring strict adherence to privacy regulations and industry best practices. With a commitment to maintaining the highest ethical standards, we aim to provide comprehensive security solutions that empower our clients to navigate the digital landscape with confidence. Our unwavering dedication to client confidentiality, robust security measures, and ethical conduct underpins every aspect of our operations, fostering trust and peace of mind for our valued clients.


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